These are some of the last few locations that haven't been found. If you have any information or any tips at all, please, please contact me so I can photograph them and post them here on the site. The locations are: 1. HAROLD SMITH'S HOUSE (FWWM) 2. JACQUES' CABIN (FWWM) 3. MEETING SPOT (FWWM) Here's what I know... all of these scenes were filmed in Washington State, very likely near North Bend and Snoqualmie. Jacques cabin was built for the film then torn down afterward, so I'd just be photographing that tree or whatever's there. I haven't heard one word ever about where that may have been shot so any clues would rock my world. I imagine that Harold's house is somewhere in Snoqualmie, but I've been wrong before, so maybe it's in North Bend, Fall City or some other nearby town. I've heard the safety deposit box room was filmed in one of the nearby schools or something, but that the school has been renovated and the office no longer exists...however, if that's wrong and it's still out there somewhere, wouldn't it be pretty bad-ass to find it and photograph it? Yes. I'm guessing that the spot where Laura, Leo, Ronette and Jacques meet is near where they filmed Jacques' cabin, but again, it could be somewhere else. Anyway, as you can see, I'm totally floundering, so please, if you've got anything let me know and I'll be forever grateful!

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