For FWWM, several scenes were filmed in Ollalie State Park, which is about 10 miles north on 90 from North Bend. Here's another example of incredibly economical use of a location. It's sort of the Washington State version of California's Franklin Canyon, which was used for over 10 Twin Peaks locations including Glastonberry Grove, Donna and James' picnic spot, Windom Earle's cabin, etc.. The first place we see in FWWM that was shot in Olallie State Park is the Deer Meadow Sheriff's Station which is, in reality, the park ranger's house.

Brad Dukes, of Twin Peaks locations hunting fame (check out his awesome website HERE), took me to these locations for the first time last fall. We were there on a mission to get the exact shot (from across the river) of where Theresa Banks' body floated in FWWM. Brad, being the Jedi Knight that he is, literally took the plunge to get the shot. Now seriously folks, it was February! That water was cold as ice! I stayed behind, dry on the rocky bank, snapping pics of the spectacle. Huge props to Brad for braving the icy winter waters in the name of all things Twin Peaks! Thanks Brad. Here are some shots of his wet-n-wild adventures...Check out the one where he's f-ing up to his neck in the river!

Anyway, the point is: We're both stark raving mad. Here's two pics of Brad and I reenacting the shot of Stanley and Desmond chatting outside Deer Meadow, taken by the lovely Jessica Morrrison. We had no time to rehearse.

The river used in the shots discussed above was also used in the scene of Agent Cooper recording a message to Diane and Leland/BOB putting Laura's body in the water, see below: Two shots of the Coop scene from FWWM followed by my shots of the same river, then two shots of Leland scene followed by my photos.

Back in the beautiful and very Peaksy (especially in winter) Olallie State Park woods, they filmed Laura and Bobby's drug deal and Laura giving the finger to James scenes. See below.