Above, two photos taken in January 2010 of the building used as Horne's Department Store, located in the Pioneer Square area of downtown Seattle. When you compare these newer photos to the ones my friend Travis shot a few years back (see below), you'll notice that they've seamlessly added two more stories to the building.

As of just a few years ago, this old furniture department store looked exactly as it did in Twin Peaks, albeit without the Horne's sign. Everything was the same: the street lights, the green awnings...everything! Even though I'd known where this location was for many years, somehow whenever I was in the area shooting other locations, I never found the time to go photograph it...even though it's conveniently located in downtown Seattle! Well, last year I lived to regret not getting my photos sooner. As you can see in the photographs above, the awnings have been stripped and the entire building has undergone a massive renovation. Here are two cell phone photos my friend Travis took of the building in '08.
All interiors of the department store were fimed on sets built for the series in Los Angeles.