In Season 2 episode 19, Agent Cooper begins his search for a house in Twin Peaks. A real estate agent shows him several properties. The first one he sees, is actually the Snoqualmie Train Depot. The building is now part of the Northwest Railway Museum located in downtown Snoqualmie.

These "real estate" shots were taken in and around Snoqualmie, Fall City, North Bend and Poulsbo as reference pictures during location scouting for the pilot, then used in episode 19 as real estate listings. Here's another of these photos, clearly taken in Washington State, which Agent Cooper looks at just before he tosses the coin that lands on the photo of Dead Dog Farm (shot in California).

On my most recent trip to Washington in July '09, I went to the Kiana Lodge to get some updated photos. As I was leaving the lodge walking back to my car, I glanced over at this building (which I'd seen many times before, but never put two and two together!) and voila! I realized this was the building in the real estate listing in episode 19! This cabin is just yards away from the main building on the grounds of the Kiana Lodge. It's my guess that the groundskeepers probably live there.