The Twin Peaks Town Hall scene was shot inside what used to be the grange hall of a small town near Fall City, WA. Over the years, the space has been put to many uses. First a town meeting hall, then a movie theater, then as the Twin Peaks Town Hall and finally as a private residence/storage space. I always had a special hankering to find this location and thanks to a really awesomely nice guy, I finally did! As you can imagine, I was shocked to find that the entire interior of this place was chock-a-block filled with stuff! The owner's grandson was kindly enough to let me come in and photograph what I can only assume was his home, so I hate to bust balls –but holy smokes! Apparently, all this clutter is soon to be removed.

Here's a photo of a rather odd tableau on the side stairs leading to the main doors of the hall. Not sure what exactly is going on here, but it makes me feel a bit oogey inside. Below, some photographs of the exterior of the building. Notice the Smith/Tremond Residence-esque paintjob. Many (seemingly lower-income) homes in the Pacific Northwest are painted in this fashion -white building, blue trim. I wonder if the Twin Peaks art department painted the Smith and Tremond houses these colors because they had picked up on this trend... if so, that's another brilliant stroke for their team!