To me, this video is one of the most compelling, important and haunting visuals in the entire series. It gave us our first glimpse of Laura Palmer as she lived and breathed. I, and many of you, immediately fell in love with Laura of the Picnic Video. Without this precious bit of evidence, we might never have felt so much, so quickly for our lost heroine. How I long to see the entire video they shot up on that Snoqualmie ridge in February 1989 -outtakes and all! Perhaps one day it will be released in its full-length glory. Until then, here are all the screen captures from the video starting with the pilot and ending with the last we see of it, in episode 1. At the bottom, I've posted a hi-res scan of the "behind the scenes" photo found in the insert of the Season 2 soundtrack CD. Click on any photo to enlarge.