I find that in dry times, you know...the months and sometimes years between a Twin Peaks flare-up, like the release of a new DVD set, soundtrack or Lynch film, I become increasingly preoccupied with the minutia of the series. One of my favorite things to dream about (and covet) are the many pivotal props used in the show. For instance, I've become consumed with finding out any information about the Douglas Fir tree painting seen in the sheriff's lobby in the pilot. Was it there already? Did they bring it in for the show? Who has it now and will they please give it to me? I'd even be psyched to find that crappy forgery they used in the rest of the show! Can you imagine if the piece of paper with "Fire Walk With Me" written on it were still out there...or Audrey's saddle shoes...or the plastic Laura Palmer was wrapped in...or the picnic video!!?? After so many years have gone by, you have to wonder if some of these props are still in existence. If so, where are they? Who owns them? Are they burried in some massive ABC prop warehouse? Who has the Welcome to Twin Peaks sign, for crying out loud!? Someone must. Below, I've posted screen caps of the props that I think are the most interesting, as well as the most elusive. There are a few major Twin Peaks props collectors out there who have some pretty amazing stuff. Thanks to great websites like Jerry Horne's TWIN PEAKS PROPS, we all have a pretty good idea of what's out there, what's owned and what's a total mystery. I believe that most of what I've posted below are props which must be either lost to the world, hidden, or owned by some very lucky mystery people. If you have any clues about the whereabouts of these, or any other props from the series or film, please contact me or Jerry Horne from TWIN PEAKS ARCHIVE and TWIN PEAKS PROPS with your tips! Let's solve this mystery!