A chance to own a little bit of Twin Peaks history...

The house next to the Laura Palmer's house in FWWM (also used for the interior in the pilot) is for sale! If you can't have the whole shebang, why not settle for the house next door? Just think of it...you too can run into the bush where Laura once sought refuge...over and over! You'll own it! You can harass your next door neighbor for cups of sugar and oh, I'm having some people over...can I borrow that ashtray and have your house? Surely you could charge admission for your views out the east side windows facing Laura's room. You'll have your mortgage payed off in no time. The house is a bargain! Sure, it needs some work, but... Click the listing for a closer view.

Kind of more expensive than I imagined. You? I know it's only a "zestimate" but damn, if it costs $343,500 to live in a modestly-sized,1960's, cinder block, ranch-style house in bum f**k WA, then I should just face the facts...I'm never going to own a home! At any rate, it's the Briggs house, so it's worth it! Click listing for a closer view.

This house is in a really nice, quiet suburb of Los Angeles. To me, there are few things in this world that say COZY like good ol' Donna's house. In person, it's a bit more "upscale" than it looks in the shots from the series. It had better be for 1.4 million dollars! The house comes complete with an enormous backyard and a rope swing hanging from the majestic conifer out front. I can just imagine bursting through the front door screaming "YOU'RE MY DADDY -YOU'RE MY DADDY!!!" Click listing for a closer view.

This is my second dream house after the Blue Pine Lodge. I mean, what a perfect example of Pacific Northwest beauty and elegance. I can never figure out why they didn't use the exterior in the series. Maybe because there aren't any conifers outside? Anyway, it's a friggin' mansion and I want it! How is this house less than half the price of the California house which can't even touch it, charm and quality-wise? Click listing for a closer view.

This lovely Dutch Colonial home was sold a several years back, unwittingly, to a fan of Twin Peaks. When they bought it they had no idea that they'd purchased the Palmer house (exterior) until one day fans of the series showed up on their lawn snapping photos. Since then, the owners have had the house on and off the market. I'm not sure whether they've made the sale yet, but as of February 2009 they still lived there. In an ironic twist of fate, the owner decided to use my photograph of the house for the real estate listing. Needless to say, I was honored. Click listing for a closer view. UPDATE: The house is for sale again HERE