I'm not proud of it, but I'll admit that this was
the only location that I ever hesitated to reveal, as I believe I was the only one (outside of the Twin Peaks production crew) who knew where it was shot. Here's the story: This thrush was photographed on a tree located at the edge of the rocky beach, about 80 feet behind Laura's log. Here's how I figured it out. First, I looked for any giveaway clues as to its whereabouts. NONE. All I knew was that there was a large body of water and two masses of land coming out from the left and right, and behind those bits of land there was yet another dark strip of land (as seen above). Here's where my obsessive mind kicked in. I knew that the only bodies of water they filmed near for the pilot were the Snoqualmie River and the Agate Passage section of Puget Sound (that's the body of water outside the Kiana Lodge where Laura's Log is). From my visits, I knew that Puget Sound fit the bill because it looks more like a lake, so I focused my attention there. I went onto the Kiana Lodge's website and took a virtual tour of the water side of the property, where Pete turns to see Laura's body, and I found my match... only, where was the tree?

When I went to the lodge in mid-February 2007, I wandered around the beach near the log but couldn't find any tree that seemed right. At first I thought it was this tree (above) that Pete's standing next to (which was apparently chopped down years ago) but when I stood where that tree was, the angle on the water and land wasn't right at all. I wondered then if maybe the branch was a prop that someone held up for a trained bird to land on...I was clearly about to lose what little was left of my disturbed mind. I almost gave up, then I realized that there were more trees further down the beach. I walked over, stood behind some branches, and eureka! There it was! The tree branch is located behind Laura's log about 30 yards. It's the the first tree hanging over the beach the near the gazebo. I cannot express how excited I was to find this elusive location. Below, another photo of where the branch is on the property and a wider-angle photograph of the branch, with the background more in focus. In it, you can see the the Agate Pass Bridge, which joins Bainbridge Island and Poulsbo.