Located in Snoqualmie, WA on Reinig Road, this location was originally shot (for the pilot) in February of 1989. Standing there, it's absolutely one of the most authentic feeling locations from the show – The Twin Peaks mood here is positively palpable. When you're on this road, or anywhere in the valley for that matter, the looming majesty of Mount Si is, beyond question, incredible to behold. It's really no wonder that the mountain road was chosen as the entryway into the enigmatic town of Twin Peaks despite the peak's lack of a real "twin". Below, an aerial photograph of the valley gives you an idea of the lay of the land and a screen capture from google maps shows a recent view of the location.

During filming for the pilot, they shot a version of the opening sequence with the sign on the opposite side of the road (see below). Imagine if they'd decided to use this one instead... weird.

Luckily for fans of the show, no strip-malls or condominiums have cropped up on this still pristine country road which, unfortunately, is more than I can say for the surrounding towns of North Bend and Snoqualmie. It's been 19 years... let's keep our fingers crossed for the next 19! If you visit the area, I strongly recommend that you drive up close to the mountain in order to fully grasp its magnificence.
The many moods of Si... Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter: