Built in the 1930s, the lovely Kiana Lodge doubled for both The Great Northern Hotel's interiors and The Blue Pine Lodge, a.k.a. Pete, Catherine, and Josie's house. Below are some photos of the interior of the Kiana Lodge and the sound-side porch.

The lodge's kitchen, in reality a full service restaurant-style kitchen, sets the perfect nestled, warm tone in the opening scene of Twin Peaks in which Pete announces to Catherine that he's "goin' fishin'". The interesting thing here is that the kitchen door at the Kiana Lodge leads straight out to where they shot the Great Northern conference room scenes. Magic!

Here are two other angles of the kitchen from the other side of the butcher block counter. These angles are not seen in the show.

In January of 2007, this kitchen was renovated. It is no longer arranged like it was in the show. Luckily, they re-used a lot of the same components (i.e., the butcher-block counter) but moved them around in such a way that it's not easily recognizable. The photos of the kitchen, above, were taken in October of '06. I thank my lucky stars that I was able to capture the original setup before it was changed. Below, a still from the series shot on a set which was built to resemble the kitchen from the Kiana Lodge.

Laura's log is located just outside the lodge on the rocky banks of Puget Sound.
Josie's dressing table is actually the same little nook that Audrey stands in front of when she drives the Norwegians away.

Talk about economical location use! They really squeezed all they could out of the Kiana Lodge. I'm always finding some new thing that they shot there.

At any rate, back to Josie's table. Basically I figured it out while obsessing over the wolfhound lamp that sits next to her in one of the first shots from the pilot. I was determined to find and purchase that lamp (or one of the same make). I became so familiar with that shot that I guess I had an imprint of the knots in the wood paneling on my brain. As I was going through my own photos of the Kiana Lodge interiors, I noticed that behind where Audrey stood were those very knots! I looked more closely and noticed the rather unique hinge in the corner and WOW, that was where they shot Josie at her dressing table! I later found and bought a lamp of the same model as the one in the pilot. See below.

Here's another still from the pilot of a wider shot of the room and some more photos I took of the nook.
Here are some screen captures of the totem pole we see in episode 21, and two of my photos of the same pole today.