Needless to say, Glastonberry Grove was among the most exciting and difficult to find locations from the series. The funny thing about locating this spot was that my friend Travis and I had actually been there already (the day before we officially found it) while photographing Windom Earle's cabin location, which is directly behind the grove. The thing is, we were so frantically trying to find Glastonberry, assuming it would be deep in some forest, that we didn't think for a moment that we were actually standing right in it! Thankfully, a little bird who will go unnamed told us the next day that it was directly behind Windom's cabin plot. We could hardly wait till the next day to go back and soak in the vibes! When we arrived back at the location, it felt amazing. I could easily imagine that I was standing in Glastonbrry Grove. We found no signs of a portal into another universe, but then...we didn't wait till nighttime. We got there about two hours early for the right light. The sun was blazing onto the trees so it was necessary to wait for the sun to fade, a little later in the afternoon. Meanwhile, this gave us plenty of time to find where the oil puddle was! There was still a very distinct indentation where the hole used to be. I photographed it, but it didn't register at all on camera. Travis and I decided we had better fill it with water from the nearby pond so that it would show up. That we did and it turned out pretty well, as you can see...okay, so the water bled outside the lines a bit.

Apparently, the log that Harry and Andy sat on in episode 29 was there as of a few years ago, but alas, it was gone when I arrived.