Located in Monrovia, CA, this house was used as the Hayward's exterior throughout the series. For some odd reason, this was one of the locations I was most excited to see in person. Several months before my trip to California, I painstakingly scouted every residential street in Monrovia on google maps until one day I finally spotted the house. Let me tell you, I couldn't wait to get out there to photograph it! Unlike many of the California locations, this house looks like something you might actually see in the Pacific Northwest.

As far as any stories about being there, I've got nothing. It's just a nice house on a quiet residential street in a suburb of L.A.. Well, I do have one story... When I went back to get the night shot, it was so dark on the street that the house wasn't showing up in any of my photos.This is what I was coming up with...

I asked my friend Travis, who was my cohort on this trip (as well as most Washington trips) to drive the car around the block, like 100 times, and shine the headlights on the house so it would show up on camera. It worked... kinda. I wish I'd knocked on the door and asked the owners to put on all the interior lights! Can you imagine?Speaking of interiors, none were shot inside this house. All
Hayward interior scenes after the pilot were filmed on sets replicating the house in Washington State.