The high school used in the pilot and as the exterior in the series is located in Snoqualmie, WA. Sometime in the few years following the pilot shoot, the high school underwent a large-scale renovation which rendered its interior virtually unrecognizable. The loss of the red, zig-zag stripes in the hallways was one of the most obvious and upsetting deletions. On my most recent trip to Snoqualmie, I was photographing the exterior of the building when I was suddenly gripped by a dangerous urge to go inside the building. I obeyed the devil on my shoulder and started searching for an open door. To my surprise I found one and stealthily entered the school. My heart beating like mad, I searched up and down every hallway, classroom and corridor only to find that nothing -absolutely NOTHING- was the same as it was in the pilot. Not even the courtyard that the girl runs by screaming was there! Dratted renovations! As with all the original Washington locations from the pilot, reproduction sets were later built on a sound stage in L.A. and used for the remainder of the series. Below, several screen captures of the school from the pilot followed by my most recent photos of the interior of the high school.
The high school used in Fire Walk With Me, however, is still very much the same. Here are some current photos of the interior and exterior of that school, including the trophy case where Laura's portrait was placed for the movie.