This Snoqualmie, WA house was only shown in the pilot episode and in the film Fire Walk With Me, in which they re-used the original establishing shot from the pilot. Probably the most interesting thing I can tell you about this location is that it was incredibly difficult to find, as there were really NO clues as to its, every road in the area looks exactly like this one! With the diligent help and hawk eyes of my fellow Twin Peaks obsessor, Travis, we finally found the house after driving around Snoqualmie and North Bend for hours upon hours.

It's a safe guess that the interiors from the pilot were filmed inside this house. We'll never know for sure until someone knocks on the door and asks for a peek inside...for some reason, I'm afraid to be the one to do it! Anyway, the windows behing Shelly match the exterior for what that's worth.

Unlike most other series locations, for which they continued to establish location by using the original Washington-filmed exteriors, in this case they switched houses altogether. The switch was made for several reasons, one of which was that the unfinished extension seen in the pilot was surely completed by the time they began filming the follow-up episodes. At the new Johnson house in Agoura, CA (pictured below) it seems that they simply parked a rig outside, draped some construction plastic over a few two by fours, and went to work. In the years after Twin Peaks was filmed, the house we see in the series was torn down and a new, more posh house was built near where the old one was: see below.

It's certainly very different from the original, but it works quite well... well, except for that damn outdoor washing machine which no one in thier right mind would keep outside in the dripping wet Pacific Northwest.

As Shelley and Bobby drive toward the Johnson house in the pilot, we see a police car rush down the road toward them. They filmed this driving scene on the actual road the Johnson house is really on. I noticed this house as we were driving up to the house on my most recent trip and recognized it as the road from the pilot. See below.