On the day before my generous unnamed source brought us to this location, my friend Travis and I had gone up the driveway and snapped a few pictures of this house wondering if it might be the Log Lady's cabin. At the time, I believed that the exterior of the cabin seen in the series (actually Located in Washington State) was in California. It turned out, to my surprise, that they did shoot the interiors in this house. The house is up a very steep driveway in the same neighborhood as the Johnson residence, Easter Park and One Eyed Jacks. The bookshelves lining the walls in the cabin scene were built solely for the show. Here's a shot of the doorway Cooper, Hawk, Truman and Dr. Hayward walk through once they're in the house.

As you can see, this room remains much as it was nearly 20 years ago when the series was filmed. The clock seen against the wall behind Hawk is still there, but in the opposite corner.

It was such an incredible experience to be inside this location. It looked and felt so much like it did in the series. It turns out that the current owners are the same people who lived there when Twin Peaks was filmed. They were terrifically friendly and so generous to let us come inside and photograph their lovely home. Here's a photo of the porch and a wider shot of the entrance to the house from the driveway.