Located just behind the Timber Falls Motel, next to a slightly larger "twin" building, this location is part of the Malibou Lake Mountain Club. It seems to be empty for the most part. Perhaps they use some of the rooms for offices. Who knows? It's actually pretty weird because it's this big, empty apartment building behind a pretty posh country club. I don't know, maybe it was used as pool cabanas or something back in the day. Jacques' apartment was the second door in on the second floor.

Below: a shot of the hallway and a view of the inside of the front room shot through the window. Nothing was actually shot inside this building. As with most series interiors, scenes inside Jacques' apartment were filmed on sets.

Here are a few shots taken from the bridge located on a highway behind the apartment building.

Another photo of the alleyway that Bobby runs down after he jumps from Jacques' window. The alley is actually the only way for a car to get to the back side of the building, which is the side they show in Twin Peaks.

Here are two more shots of the building in which you can see the "twin" building next to it.

At the opening of the scene in which Cooper, Andy, Hawk and Truman first go to Jacques' apartment we see two people playing tennis on this court, located to the left of Jacques' building.

Below: An aerial shot showing the building's relation to the tennis court and the Timber Falls Motel.