This location would have been absolutely impossible to find were it not for the generous help of an unnamed source. Thank you unnamed source! What I can say is that it's located far, far away from all the other California Twin Peaks locations, deep in the forest of the mountains north of L.A..

Walking through the woods toward the cabin, I was struck by how much the landscape looked and felt, more than any other California location, like the forests in Washington State. The weather that day was eerily foggy and overcast. Wouldn't it have been serendipitous if the weather were so gloomy on the day of Jacques' cabin shoot? Just imagine, for the first time since the pilot, we'd have been treated to the dark, misty, ominous woods which originally drew so many of us to Twin Peaks.

Once we got to the cabin we saw that the nearly 20 years which had passed since the filming of Twin Peaks had taken a disastrous toll on this location. The entire cabin was in a complete state of dilapidation. Much of the roof on the porch had fallen in and was scattered about, nearly all of the windows were either boarded up or had been shattered, the interior had been gutted and left in disarray and the whole back side of the cabin was in a shambles.

What we don't see in the show are several interesting, albeit odd, areas surrounding the cabin. Here are some photographs I took of some of the unexpected things I saw at this location: A destroyed piano; an oddly located fireplace behind the cabin in what I'm assuming was a driveway; several cemented areas around the cabin; and lastly, off to the side, a swimming pool!