The former Colonial Inn, which doubled as The Roadhouse exterior in Twin Peaks and Fire Walk With Me has reopened as The Fall City Roadhouse. Hooray for our team!!! Below, the building in the fall of '07 and the building in July '09. Um, that ivy's getting way out of control!

Ah, the Roadhouse... how I wish it were a real place. The photo below was taken in early '06 while the Colonial Inn was still in operation. Only one side of the building was used in the series and the film -probably so it wouldn't appear to be on a busy highway. Here are two photos of the front of the Inn which faces the highway.

The interiors of the Roadhouse in the pilot were shot at what was then a country-western style gay bar and restaurant called Timberline Spirits, located in downtown Seattle. The club had a successful, 19 year run and was apparently much loved, but sadly it closed its doors in 2005. A few years back I contacted Jeff, one of the owners of the Timberline, and he told me that it was haunted by 13 ghosts. Evidently, the place has even been featured in a few supernatural investigation television shows and journals. The building was originally constructed as the Daughters and Sons of Norway Hall in 1903. Below, a photo from the Timberline Spirits days and a postcard showing the outside of the building from the 1920s.

The lovely wooden bar you see in the pilot was built by the Twin Peaks crew because the Timberline's bar was in a separate room, not seen in the show. In the two photos below, you see the crew putting the finishing touches on the bar followed by a photo of Dana Ashbrook rehearsing the fight scene.

Today the hall is used as a performance space for Cornish College of the Arts. The college did a major overhaul of the building, restoring much of its original character, and thankfully, not taking away any major Twin Peaks vibes. Below are several photos of the interior as it is today (photos taken on 01/11/10.)

The photos below are of the lobby which is beyond the doors we see Mike, Bobby and Donna walking through in the pilot. It's interesting to note the cityscape outside the windows of the front entry door. Not very Twin Peaks-ish.

Here are two additional photos of the outside of the building: First of the front, then the south side of the building which shows the windows of the Roadhouse space.

Like every other interior from the pilot, sets were later built in L.A. to duplicate the look and feel of the original Washington locations. Below, a still from the pilot, followed by a photo of the same room circa 1922.