Above: a google maps, "street view" screen capture of the driveway into the location, and my photo of the building behind which the rock path lies. Here's where I had one of the closest things to a Twin Peaks psychic moment while searching for a location. My friend Travis and I were driving south from Lydecker's Clinic, vaguely looking for the rock throw spot though we had no leads at all for finding it. I pretty much figured we would never come across it. So we're driving, and suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I sensed something. I can't really say what, as there was really nothing to see from the road, but I had a strong intuition that we had just passed the rock path woods. We turned around, pulled into the long driveway and as we got closer to the buildings at the end of the drive, I spotted rocks forming a path behind the building! Needless to say, we were excited beyond belief. As we walked toward the back of the building, a ranger came up and asked what we were doing there. We gave our tried and true "We're big fans of Twin Peaks..." spiel and he let us go back into the woods.

Several of the trees seen along the path in the show, especially the very slanted ones, have either fallen or been cut down since the series was filmed. There were three scenes shot in this location. First, the scene in episode 2 when Bobby and Mike meet Leo in the woods. Second, the Tibetan rock throw scene (also in episode 2). Third, in episode 16 after Leland dies.

In the reality of the show, these woods were supposed to be behind the sheriff's department (except for the Bobby, Mike, Leo scene). If you look closely, you can see sections of the rock path rush by as Bobby and Mike are "going out for a pass" in episode 2. See below.

Below, a photo of the shed (now painted red) seen several times in the background of the rock throw scene. (Why does this make me so happy?!)

Here are some aerial pictures of the woods. Right in the middle of the first photo, you can make out part the rock path that featured so largely in the Tibetan Rock throw scene as well as the scene in episode 16 when Truman, Cooper, Hawk and Albert met Major Briggs.