Long before it was used in Twin Peaks as the Lydecker Veterinary Clinic and One Stop convenience store, this building, located in Cornell, CA, served as the area stagecoach in the early 1900's. In 1961, husband and wife Ed and Veronica bought the building and turned it into a general store/greasy spoon named Rock Store. It has since become a go to destination for the who's who in the motorcyclist community, including some of the most douchebaggy celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jay Leno.

On the day I went to photograph the Rock Store there were several bikers outside the building obscuring my shot (who do they think they are?!), so I decided to come back early the next morning before the store opened so that I could get a better Twin Peaks feel to my photos.

The shots below, taken on an overcast, rainy day, feel even more "Peaksy" than the actual scenes from the show. Another case where it would have been cool if they could have somehow waited for the rare Southern California rain to shoot some of the exteriors for the series.