Situated just yards behind the Fall City Roadhouse (the Colonial Inn at the time of filming) in Fall City, WA, this little cabin was the Bookhouse in Twin Peaks. Below, a shot of the Roadhouse and the Bookhouse together which was filmed in 1989 for the pilot, but only used once in episode 16.

As you can imagine, I was rather distressed when I wasn't able to get the correct angle on this little house because of the fencing around it. Today, there's even more elaborate fencing than in former years. There's a fenced-off lot full of brand new trailers that blocks the spot where the original shot was taken.
It's funny to think that this tiny house should have fit a multitude of bookhouse boys within its four walls. How were all those rooms seen throughout the series supposed to fit in that little house? The largest room we see in the series is the one they bring Audrey back to in episode 13. That room was a set.

The other Bookhouse scene, however, was shot in a very real and very authentically Peaksy place, The Old Place Restaurant and bar located in Cornell, CA. The owners have had this place for over 40 years and it shows. Practically every piece of decor and every stroke of paint is the same now as it was in 1990 when they filmed this scene. Of course, books were brought in and shelves were built to make it a "bookhouse", but everything else is very much the same. Notice the arrangement of objects on the wall behind Joey Poulson and how they're arranged the exact same way today as they were in Twin Peaks. Incredible.

Here are several more photographs of the interior and exterior of this location.