PLEASE NOTE: I absolutely adore Sheryl Lee. I think she's beautiful and she rocks in FWWM.
Okay, that said...Most of you who troll the Twin Peaks discussion boards like I do, may recall that I have a very special kind of loathing for Laura's fake hair in Fire Walk With Me. Here's the deal. I was a 17 year old obsessed Twin Peaks fan when I walked into the theater to see FWWM for the first time. I don't need to tell you how excited I was to see this see Laura
alive and watch the last week of her life unfold before my eyes on beautiful celluloid. The lengthy beginning of the film only stoked my mounting hunger to see Twin Peaks, pre-murder, and its most important resident, Laura Palmer. The story of Theresa Banks (which I now love) went on and on seemingly forever and, at last, there was the Welcome to Twin Peaks sign! That glorious shot was followed by...wait...Who is that? Is it..?...But no, look at the hair....No, it can't be...Well, she did just call out "Donna" must be Laura! ...Oh My God, now who is THAT!? As you know, it was Laura and it was Donna (more on her elsewhere.) The wig, actually a fall attached under Sheryl Lee's short hair, just really took me out of the movie. Laura of the picnic video and flashbacks was so fresh and high school-ish with her natural, straight hair. The bewigged Laura on screen seemed to be more of a grad student than a high-schooler. I know, I know...everyone gets so mad but listen, the wig sucks and it makes her not seem like Laura. Here are some of the more egregious wig moments from the film: Click pics to enlarge.