When you think about the fact that there were 29 episodes in the series, plus the pilot, it's kind of amazing that the screen captures below represent pretty much everything we see of the mountains, rivers, lakes, roads and forests of Twin Peaks –with the exception of the exterior shots of each location. I just LOVE so many of these beautiful landscapes...especially the ones filmed during the pilot shoot in the Snoqualmie Valley, which is most of them. It's interesting to see how they used so many of the same shots over and over again throughout the series. Note how many times we see the same shot of fir branches blowing in the wind (though darkened or lightened to fit the scene) First in the pilot, then in episodes 3, 20, 22 and 27. There are also some very rare and thrilling shots throughout the series that really make one think they must've shot tons of extra stuff that we never saw. A good example of this is in episode 17 in which we see a a wide shot of an intersection in Snoqualmie (the same one used later in FWWM), clearly shot during the filming of the pilot. Also in episode 17 is a really random shot of a drippy, rusty faucet (See both at the bottom of this page.) Can you imagine how much extra nature and location exterior stuff they shot?! What I wouldn't do to get my hands on that film!
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